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Films by Leon-Domenic Frolow

A collection of some of Leon-Domenic's best work including drone reel compilations,
creative storytelling,  and client work.

Frolow - Drone Reel 2019

A short compilation of my two favorite FPV drone shots so far. Watch as we showcase the stunning aerial footage captured with our FPV drone. Get a unique perspective of the breathtaking scenery and enjoy the smooth, speedy flight as we soar through the skies. These are my two favorite shots to date, and I can't wait to share more amazing footage with you in the future.A short compilation of my two most faovorite FPV drone shots so far..

Real Estate Drone Shots - Frolow

Experience the ultimate aerial tour of a beautiful house with our latest real estate drone shots video. Get a breathtaking 360-degree view of this magnificent property, showcasing its stunning architecture and breathtaking surroundings. From the outside, you'll see the house's unique features, including its well-manicured lawns and garden, giving you a complete picture of what this property has to offer.

Frolow -Winter Wonderland

Join us for a unique winter tour with our latest drone footage. We'll take you on a journey over a city frozen in time, as well as a majestic river, capturing the beauty of winter from above. Get a bird's eye view of the snow-covered streets and ice-covered river as we fly through the skies. This winter tour will leave you in awe of the stunning landscapes that winter brings.

Reality - Cinematic Travel Video - Frolow

Embark on a journey through Thailand and Bali in this visually stunning video vlog, brought to you by Leon-Domenic Frolow and Martin Karner. Experience the best of both destinations, from bustling streets to tranquil beaches and through breathtaking footage from 2018.

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