Leon-Domenic Frolow is a multifaceted innovator, filmmaker, and designer
inspiring a new era of creativity worldwide

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Acclaimed for his boundary-pushing creativity in video production. With a distinct style of video editing, Leon-Domenic's work has earned a reputation for his art.


Known for capturing the world in a unique and imaginative way, their photography and art showcase their exceptional talent.

Recent Project

elo.Tick was founded by Leon-Domenic Frolow as a eco-friendly fashion brand with the mission to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Its aim is to provide fashionable and high-quality clothing made from eco-friendly materials while raising awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion. He wanted to show that it is possible to create fashionable clothing while still being environmentally responsible.

Leon-Domenic Frolow is an up and coming, self-taught creative known for his innovative approach to design and filmmaking. He has quickly made a name for himself in the industry with his unique and captivating work. He has already worked with several top brands, such as
UpWork, elo.Tick and fugo games delivering one-of-a-kind content that drives engagement and impresses audiences.

Leon-Domenic has a talent for blending cutting-edge technology with timeless creativity, resulting in work that is both fresh and memorable.
As an up and coming talent, he continues to push the boundaries
of what is possible and inspire others in the industry with his visionary approach.
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